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Winter sports


Cross Country Skiing

Taivalvaara ski trail network is 26 km long, about 7 km are with lights. The length of the trail from Sports Center to Kuulampi is 5.5 km, which is challenged with 1 km long upward slope. The 1 km multi-use route from skiing center to hotel is also with lights. You can go further with no lightened trails, for example, Kuulampi-Ampumarata loop is 12 km, and 22.5 km to Pahkakuru.

Cross Country Ski map ->


We offer guided safaris for our clients during the winter season. All day programs and shorter evening trips are available.

You can book easily snowmobile safaris, husky safaris, ice fishing and snowshoeing trips and reindeer farm visit from our reception: +358 8 717 1700 or