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Booking and cancellation conditions

Booking conditions

These booking conditions apply to room-, and cabin bookings at Hotel Herkko. Successful online bookings will be confirmed automatically by e-mail displaying the rooms you have booked The room must be accepted on the day of arrival between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. Late arrivals must be notified by calling to the hotel reception +358 8 7171 700. The rooms must be left on the day of departure by 12 noon, If you need to stay longer, inquires from the hotel reception. The client must check the booking confirmation to make sure the information is correct and cancel the booking if necessary. Special pricings and campaigns other than those applicable to online bookings do not apply to our online bookings. All rooms and interiors of Hotel Herkko are non-smoking, we charge a cleaning fee of € 150 for indoor smoking. Customers are responsible for their own luggage and belongings if they are not handed over to the hotel for storage. The hotel is not responsible for any damage or loss of the vehicle or property inside the car park. Car park is free. There is no night reception at our hotel. The customer should be familiar with the location of emergency exits, alarm buttons, and fire extinguishers.

Cancellation conditions

These cancellation conditions apply for room-, and cabin bookings at Hotel Herkko. The reception staff must be informed by phone ((+358)8) 7171 700) of all cancellations without delay.

Hotel Herkko reserves the right to cancel the booking in the case of a force majeure event and has a duty to inform the client of it without delay.

We reserve the right to change our reservation and cancellation policy. Prior to making a booking, the customer must read and accept the current booking and cancellation policy. Hotel Herkko will treat all customer information with complete confidentiality. Unless otherwise specified in the terms and conditions of Hotel Herkko, the MaRa ry’s general booking and cancellation policy shall apply.