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Summer Activities


Frisbee Golf

Taivalvaara Frisbee Golf Park features two 18-hole courses. Both courses are at Taivalvaara Ski Resort and are located close to each other. There are plenty of parking spaces, a workout basket and a long throw.

Taivalvaara DGP

An 18-hole course for advanced amateurs and racing enthusiasts, tours around ski slopes and dry forest fabrics. The track has been highly praised by professionals.

Kylmäperä DGP

The new 18-lane course is perfect for beginners, but also offers advanced gamers challenging situations. On this track the height differences are reasonably small.

You can rent discs from hotel reception.


From the hotel yard starts a route to the popular Children’s Fairytale path as well as longer routes to the challenging terrain of Taivalvaara.

Pyhitys fell and Syöte National Park are a short drive away from hotel.

Pyhitys fell is the highest place in Taivalkoski. It´s treeless peak offers spectacular views, dominated by Lake Kostojärvi.

Pyhitys fell is located in Taivalkoski municipality, but belongs to Syöte National Park. There are two routes to the fell by car, drinving distance is approx 30 kilometers.

The rest of the journey has to be walked or skied. No motor vehicles are allowed in the National Park. In summer, there is a path from Lake Siira that leads first to the campfire area at the base of fell and then up to the summit.

Distance from lake Siira to campfire place is 2,5 km and from campfire place to the top of the fell less than one kilometer.

Many of routes will  updated in our municipality and will be updated later also to these paqes.


Tenniscourt is located near to the hotel, you can book a shift and rent the equipment from hotel reception.

In addition the park has 2 beach wolley fields, trampoline and children’s playground.

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